Long Shifters

Long Shifters are made of durable, heat-treated steel and machined using state-of-the-art CNC machining and laser technology. All shifters are black-oxided to add a professional appearance and to protect against rust. Each unit is hand-built by our factory-trained technicians and thoroughly tested so it arrives ready for installation.

All G-Force South transmissions come standard with an industry-leading HT-4000 Long shifter. Long shifters have proven to be the most reliable, longest lasting shifters ever built. Continually refined for over 30 years and built by shifter specialists, they have become the most requested shifter in their respective industry. While the GSR can only be used with a Long shifter due to the transmission's internal shift design, the GF4A can be custom built with a Hurst shifter or G-Force South's own "Mega" shifter. This Mega shifter is similar in concept and "feel" to a Hurst shifter, but offers superior quality and durability due to more advanced design concepts, material enhancements, and manufacturing tolerances.

This new innovative design makes this shifter lighter, more compact, provides more positive shifting, better durability and with fewer moving parts it's easier to service.

Single Rail Shifter technology available only from G-Force South

  • 1.70 lbs. lighter

  • 2 inches shorter

  • Upper & Lower housings are machined together, dowel pinned and serial numbered

  • One piece lower pivot shaft eliminates pointed bolts and safety wire

  • Wiper Seal on pivot shaft

  • Lower pivot shaft also machined with detents for solid engagement feel

  • Plunger can be adjusted with different spring pressure

  • Larger Stop Bolts

  • Mono Ball Design instead of tube and side shims which needs less lubrication, add this to the Race Proven GSR transmission for top quality shifting and long lasting reliability.

Long HB-1000R

4 Speed H-Pattern Shifter

Best suited to road race and oval track applications

Long HT-4000

4 Speed H-Pattern Shifter

Best suited to road race and oval track applications


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