V8 Utes - Control Gearbox

The Australian V8 Ute Racing Series will launch the new ATC control gearbox during Round 5 of the 2012 Auto One V8 Ute Racing Series – protected by Armor All at Bathurst this weekend.

All Ford and Holden Utes will now run common ratios, with gearboxes supplied by Wagga Wagga based Australian Transmission Components. The standard Ford/Holden Tremec OE gearbox case will be used, however the Holden box will now reflect the same ratios as the Ford, covering off what has been a major variable between the 2 marques.

ATC will supply sealed and rebuilt gearboxes for all competitors for the remaining rounds of the series and for the next three years.

Series Technical Director Bob Riley believes the common ratios will provide closer racing overall.

“This is the last major performance variable between the 2 different manufacturers. On some tracks such as the Clipsal 500, the ratio variable forced the Holden drivers to make up to 4 extra gear changes per lap, while other tracks, such as Barbagallo Perth, favoured the Holden ratios. This should ensure much closer racing overall, and at least remove one chapter from the race driver excuse book!” Riley quipped.

ATC is the leading supplier in Australia for Manual Transmission Components, Overhaul Kits and Reman Units for passenger, light commercial and 4WD vehicles across many makes and model vehicles. The Company has a long association with Tremec Transmission products and a reputation in Australia as the industry leader.

“Motorsport is a very demanding environment for any product, so this allows us to stay at the front of the industry through continual research and innovation. It’s simply the best arena to test and quantify our products and skills,” explained John Wilcox, ATC’S Managing Director.

“The V8 Ute Racing Series appealed to us, not only is it a very competitive and exciting series, but because these race utes have a similar Tremec manual transmission as many Ford & Holden road vehicles. This allows us to learn and improve on our products available to our specialist customer base.”

ATC will service and seal all gearboxes for the next 3 years and provide a number of spares and support back up at each series round.

“Running any race vehicle can be an expensive exercise, so teams can be reassured they have a quality unit available at a fixed cost, plus spares support, which would alleviate any concerns these teams may have on race day.” Wilcox went on to say.

Mt Panorama has traditionally favoured the Ford V8 Ute competitor, primarily due to the run from the Dipper, through Forest Elbow and onto Conrod Straight, which better suited the Ford ratios. This allowed the Ford to get onto the straight faster and then carry the speed all the way to the Chase.

Rip Shift, designed and manufactured by V8 Ute racer and World V8 Superboat star Phonsy Mullan will remain the control shifter for both Ford and Holden race utes.

Holden competitors will be keen to roll out for Practice One to find out if the ratio match up will now close the gap, or in series leader Nathan Pretty’s case – widen the gap between he and Championship challenger, Ford’s Ryal Harris.



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